Episode 53 – Saving the World Before it is too Late

This is an interview with Charles Radley who represents the Leeward Space Foundation. It is a discussion on the exploitation of space, and in particular in solar power satellites that can be used to help prevent global catastrophe.

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Episode 52 – Triangulation

This podcast explores the topic of triangulation, that is how to find the distance to a distant point by measuring two angles at points a known difference apart. How the distance to the moon and sun can be measured is described.

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Found Older Podcasts

I had thought I had lost many of my older podcasts when I had my big server crash. I found copies on Google, and have uploaded them to YouTube. I will repost them here when I have time. You can view these at


If you have any suggestions for topics on new podcast, either comment on this post, or send me an email at owner@learningmeasure.com.

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Episode 51 – Measuring Ionizing Radiation

English: Internationally recognized symbol. De...

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It has been awhile since I posted a podcast. We have had a lot of hardware issues with servers, and other concerns has kept me from posting recently. This episode actually was mostly recorded several months ago, with one part re-recorded recently. I am hoping to get back into doing podcasts a little more regularly.

The topic of this podcast is the measurement of ionizing radiation, and intended to be the middle podcast of a three podcast series. Probably at this point will not finish the series, as I am planning something different. It is not as polished as I would like, but thought it was important to put up.

I am definitely seeking feedback on what to include in the podcast, so let me know if you have any suggestions by sending me an email at suggestions@learningmeasure.tv

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Server Update Complete

The server that holds LearningMeasure.tv has now been replaced. Everything should be working normally now. It took a little longer to do the upgrade than expected, but that is fairly normal for this type of thing. Anyway, if there are any problems, please let me know.

Thank you for your patience.

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Server Update – March 3, 2012

We had a recent hardware failure that took three weeks to recover from. As a result we have purchased new servers to modernize LearningMeasure.com and LearningMeasure.tv. I am making progress on configuring the new servers and should be to the point to be able to install the new server for LearningMeasure.tv.

The server upgrade for LearningMeasure.tv will be done on Saturday, March 3, 2012, unless there is an unforeseen problem.

As a result there may be several periods where LearningMeasure.tv will be unavailable that day. If all goes according to plan, the server swap should only take about an hour, but anticipate that the site will be intermittent this Saturday. When the upgrade is complete, a new post will be made here.

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Episode 50 – Ionizing Radiation

Alpha particle

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This is the first episode in awhile. I have been working on other aspects of LearningMeasure.com in the last several months. This episode is on ionizing radiation, and is the result of a request from one of you.

This episode concerns with the units used to measure ionizing radiation, namely units of decay rate, ioniziation rate, absorbed dose, and equivalent absorbed dose.

The units described are the becquerel, curie, roentgen, grey, rem, sievert, and rad. Also described are the concepts of time constant and half life.

Many of the new features we have implemented and are planning are discussed. As always if you have a suggestion for an episode, or for LearningMeasure.com, email me at suggestion@learningmeasure.com.

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Episode 49 – Covariance

This is a short podcast where we introduce the concept of covariance, one of the quantities that is part of the law of propagation of uncertainty. I am considering doing another podcast in a series, but that depends on feedback.

Also discussed are the new feature on the “My Programs” page where progress with programs can be monitored, and a certificate of completion requested; as well as the ability to leave video messages and questions that can be used on the podcast.

This is a short podcast, about 12 minutes. I am thinking about limiting future podcasts to 20 minutes so that they can be posted on YouTube. As always, I am seeking feedback from you on what you would like to see on the podcast or on the website.

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Episode 48 – Abhilasha Wadhwa

This episode we have an interview with Abhilasha Wadhwa on her masters thesis on the subject of measuring residential carbon footprint. In particular how to use measurements taken by utilities to prioritize where efficiency improvements will make the most difference.

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Episode 47 – Temperature and the Volt

Episode 47

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